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Is it time to get rid of the clutter?
Tired of moving piles of papers and clothes from one spot to another?
Feeling overwhelmed with the thought of dealing with it all?
Time to call a professional organizer for help!

At Island Transitions, we understand how clutter and disorganization can affect your daily life. An overabundance of paper and objects adds stress and makes your home difficult to clean. A disorganized environment makes critical items hard to find. We are Long Island's professional organizers and offer a step-by-step approach to bring clutter under control.

  • Free consultation during which we make a plan of action to organize what has been driving you crazy.
  • We work within your budget to reach your goal.
  • Items you don't want or need can easily be removed, donated, gifted or sold.

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These dresser drawers were arranged using the KonMari method of folding to increase accessibility, function and organization. With a glance, all the items can be seen and easily removed without wrinkles.

Home Organizing Services Long Island
Professional Organizers Long Island

The professional organizers at Island Transitions serve older adults across Nassau and Suffolk County. Our great staff will help you sort out the items in your home to ensure for a more quality living space. For more information about our organizing services, contact us today.